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Audiovox ACA250 wireless rearview camera review

The Audiovox ACA250 wireless rearview camera provides an easy way to increase the safety of your vehicle while backing up, if you can deal with the wireless technology's rough edges.

Audiovox ACA250 installed
Read the full Audiovox ACA250 review. Antuan Goodwin/CNET Networks

Large trucks, vans, and SUVs often have a proportionately large rear blind spot making backing up a tricky and, at times, dangerous ordeal. Automotive manufacturers have begun to offer backup cameras on their larger vehicles as optional or standard features. But what about owners of older vehicles that weren't offered with factory installed rearview cameras?

Offering a simple, four-wire installation on most vehicles, the Audiovox ACA250 wireless backup camera can be installed by a person comfortable with simple hand tools in an afternoon. For your labors, the camera system greatly increases the low-speed safety of your vehicle by giving you a look into the large rear blind spot directly behind your vehicle. For smaller cars, the addition of a backup camera may not open up too much more visibility, but we've found that they can be tremendously helpful for pinpoint accuracy when, for example, parallel parking.

However, with the ACA250's simplicity come rough edges in the form of interference from other wireless sources, sometimes with surprising and distracting results.

Read the full Audiovox ACA wireless rearview camera system review.