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Wayne Cunningham/Roadshow

Audi will unveil 2018 A8 sedan at mobility event on July 11

What better way to showcase the future of mobility than by unveiling a giant, expensive luxury sedan?

BMW unveiled a new 7 Series last year, and Mercedes-Benz announced a refreshed S-Class earlier this year. What of the Audi A8, though? Don't worry, a new one is coming next month.

Audi will pull back the veil on the 2018 A8 flagship luxury sedan on July 11. The event will be part of the first Audi Summit, an exhibition dedicated to "pioneering solutions for the urban mobility of tomorrow," which means there'll be a bunch of concepts that look at how people will use vehicles in the future, most likely.

It's a handsome car, although I'm hoping they'll reduce the grille size just a bit.

Wayne Cunningham/Roadshow

The event will kick off with a showcase of Audi's current lineup, with the A8 unveil acting as the keystone. After that, participants will head to another hall, which will feature everything from concept vehicles to exhibits and discussions on the future of the car industry, including artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing.

As for what to expect from the A8, all you need to do is take a look at Audi's other new cars, as well as its concepts. The new A8 should pack a look similar to the Prologue concept from years past, with a slimmer, sharper silhouette. All A8s will be mild hybrids, using a 48-volt electrical system that can collect and reuse energy captured from braking. The new A8 will also be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving, if Automotive News' report turns out to be true.