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Audi to show off new design direction in LA

At the Los Angeles auto show next month, Audi promises a concept car that heralds an entirely new design direction for its model lineup.

Audi teaser photo
Audi's teaser photo shows the top of a concept car it intends to bring to the 2014 Los Angeles auto show. Audi

Audi released the above picture today as a teaser for the upcoming Los Angeles auto show. More intriguing, Audi notes in its press release that the concept car shown here heralds a new design direction for the company.

This concept car is the work of Audi design chief Marc Lichte, who assumed the lead role in February. The concept car will show off new thinking in exterior and interior design, according to Audi.

What little we can discern from the photo shows prominent fenders, a pillarless side window, and a wide sailplane. The roof's curve looks similar to that of the TT, although what appears to be a large rear window suggests the car is a wagon or small SUV.

Audi's past design hits include the A5 and A7 , which featured graceful rooflines and sporty profiles. The A3 , a compact sedan, is a recent launch from the company. A new version of the TT is a highly anticipated update coming next year.

As this new concept is focused on model design, it should not be taken to indicate new drivetrain or platform technology.

CNET will begin coverage of the 2014 Los Angeles auto show during a special press preview on November 19. The show opens to the public on November 21.