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Audi teases tiny Q2 crossover ahead of Geneva

This diminutive Teutonic ride has Fiat Chrysler to thank for its name, of all groups.

Well, at least we can tell that it comes with headlights.


Audi's got something small planned for Geneva, but it'll be coming out in a big way. It's the all-new Q2 crossover, slated to slot below the Q3 in terms of both size and price. Before it arrives at the show, though, Audi's attempting to tease us all to death.

The car's been teased in a variety of ways. There are two videos on YouTube, both of which are embedded below. The automaker's Facebook pages have been atwitter with multiple teaser images, showing off various corners and design elements without giving away the whole thing.

There isn't a whole lot of public information about the Q2 just yet, but we'd bet dollars to donuts that this cute-ute utilizes Volkswagen's MQB platform, which also underpins the seventh-generation VW Golf. Its name wasn't even set in stone until January, when Audi snagged the trademark away from Fiat Chrysler, which previously used it as part of its limited-slip differential marketing.