Audi Select subscription service is now $400 cheaper to start

The new Core Collection tier offers four different cars for $995 per month.

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Being able to flip between a sedan and a convertible sounds perfect for regions with weather that can vary wildly from week to week.


announced last September that it would dip its toes in the car subscription wading pool with its own Audi Select service, which offered some interesting perks above the usual subscription service. Now it's an even more compelling offer, because there's a new tier that's much less expensive than before.

Audi announced on Tuesday that it was adding a new tier to its Audi Select subscription service. The Core Collection tier lets subscribers have access to four different models -- the S3 and S4 sedans, the Q5 SUV and the TT sports car. It will cost $995 per month, a $400 price reduction compared with the other tier.

Best of all, that price drop doesn't cut out some of the perks that make Audi Select so interesting, even though it does only offer smaller, less expensive vehicles. Core Collection subscribers will still receive two days of Silvercar, an Audi-only rental service, as well as concierge pickup and delivery services. The monthly fee covers not only the car, but insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and unlimited mileage, as well. The only out-of-pocket cost is gas.

When the service launched last September, it only had one tier -- the $1,395-per-month Premiere Collection, which includes more expensive vehicles like the A5 convertible and , as well as the Q5 and Q7 SUVs. Vehicle swaps can happen up to two times per month, but subscribers can hold on to cars they like for up to six months at a time.

Here's the catch -- since it's still a pilot program, you have to be in a very specific place to take advantage of Audi Select. Right now, it's only available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but it's facilitated through any Audi dealership within that region. If all goes well with the plan, there's always the chance it could expand, but Audi hasn't really discussed expansion plans yet, as it's still quite early. If you're interested in checking out other subscription services, you're in luck, because we put together a handy guide that takes a look at all of 'em.

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