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Audi releases renderings of Urban Concept

Leading up to its reveal at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Audi is slowly taking the wraps off its tiny electric city car concept by releasing a slew of renderings of the Coupe and Spyder.

The Audi Urban Concept Coupe and Spyder
The Audi Urban Concept Coupe and Spyder Audi

After publishing sketches and blatantly live-testing the vehicle in a crowded German square, Audi released more renderings of the Audi Urban Concept that it will unveil at the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The biggest finding from the graphics is that the electric micro car has a convertible twin.

The Audi Urban Concept is an electric two-seater that takes its styling cues and lightweight construction from sports cars. Designed for dense urban environments, the concept is powered by two electric motors.

Based on previously released information and sketches of the Coupe version of the Audi Urban Concept, the doors appear to slide back like a minivan's. On the Spyder, which looks a little more like a 1960s Formula 1 car, they open diagonally to the top. How functional that is and exactly how they work remains to be seen. Both EVs seat two in staggered formation to maintain its narrow body design.

Perhaps the most generous thing that can be said about the renderings is that they are ambitious. Audi engineers didn't design these concepts based on any previous or exiting platform. Rather, the concepts are an exercise in ultra-lightweight construction. The cockpit is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which integrates the undercarriage of both seats. Little information on the electric duo is available, so we'll have wait until the Frankfurt show to see if the execution of this design is a success.