Audi recalls 23,000 Q3 SUVs for turn signal problems

The problem can be fixed with a quick software update, thankfully.

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In the meantime, make extra sure that drivers in other lanes know your intentions before committing to a lane change. It's also worth noting that the rear and mirror-mounted turn signals will still function if the one in the headlight fails.


Every vehicle on the road in the US must conform to a battery of regulations known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. One FMVSS violation, even if it seems like it's barely a problem at all, can spur a vehicle recall. A small bunch of compact crossovers are currently under recall for such a violation.

Audi has issued a recall for 23,241 examples of the 2016-2018 Q3 compact crossover. All of the vehicles included in this recall are equipped with LED headlights. It is unclear if there is a specific batch of VINs or production dates that this recall applies to.

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The problem stems from the LED headlights. An "incorrect software configuration," as Audi puts it, may not cause a warning light to illuminate if one of the LED front turn signals fails to work. This puts the vehicle in violation of FMVSS 108, "Lamps, Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment."

A lack of a front turn signal and its subsequent warning light may cause a vehicle to change lanes without suitable notification to other drivers, which may increase the risk of a crash. Audi pointed out in its recall documents that, while the LED headlight is a "lifetime" part with a very low failure rate, its lack of FMVSS compliance nevertheless requires a recall.

Thankfully, the fix is pretty easy. Since it's a software problem, Audi technicians will take the recalled vehicles and apply a software-based fix. This should only take about an hour to complete, and like all recall work, it will be performed free of charge. Owners should expect to receive recall notifications in the mail, and the recall itself is expected to kick off in mid-July.

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