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Audi's done developing new engines

Audi will instead focus on updating its current generation of engines as stricter emissions regulations take hold in Europe.

The times are changing, and changing quickly.

Internal-combustion engine, the bell doth toll for thee, at least at Audi. According to remarks by Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, any investments in next-generation engines are not happening, German publication Automobilwoche reported Tuesday. The CEO cited the European Union's plans for more aggressive Euro 7 emissions standards across the trade bloc, which Duessman called an upcoming "technical challenge," as a deciding factor.

An Audi spokesperson confirmed to Roadshow the brand will not spend time developing "new engine families," but underscored that "technical development on current engine families will continue." The spokesperson added, "There is no timeline on the phaseout of engines altogether that we are able to provide at this time."

To be clear, this type of announcement does not mean engines will disappear from Audi tomorrow, next year or even in 10 years. Instead, it means Audi won't allocate any investment to a new generation of engines, while it focuses on updating engines we currently know. Essentially, we'll see Audi engineers work very hard to make current engines meet upcoming regulations, likely with more electrification along the way.

Frankly, this ethos doesn't come as a surprise. Back in 2018, Volkswagen said its upcoming generation of cars sporting an engine will likely be its last and numerous other automakers outside of VW's circle plan to phase out engines in favor of battery-powered cars. It's why so many analysts believe this decade will be a highly transformational one when it comes to the trusty automobile.