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Audi hires Ken Block to help develop future EVs

Just as Audi's new RS Q E-Tron rally car hits the dirt for its first tests.

Ken Block has a new partner after years with Ford. On Tuesday, Audi announced professional racing driver Ken Block joined the German brand, and he'll help steer the development of future electric cars from the marque. It's quite a hire for Audi, which has deep roots in rally racing and things the Hoonigan Racing Division would definitely approve of.

Block didn't give away too much in an introductory question and answer session with the brand, but he said, "we want to showcase mobility and electrification in new and entertaining ways. Audi has done an incredible job of driving their vehicles into the future." 

Audi RS Q E-Tron

This seems like a prime project for Block.


Audi already has plans to run its new RS Q E-Tron rally car in the Dakar Rally this coming January, and the program seems like a prime candidate for Block's expertise. The racing driver spent years working with Ford and its own rally cars. Not to mention, he has a lot of experience whipping cars around in crazy stunts with the Gymkhana series. 

The pro driver will certainly be a busy guy in the months to come as Audi ramps up its portfolio of new EVs, prepares for Dakar and anything else Audi has up its sleeve that we don't know about yet. Whatever comes next, Block seems like just the person to provide valuable input.