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Audi gives the 2017 Q3 a nip and a tuck

It goes on sale in Europe in the fall, but there's no word on a US debut.


The Audi Q3 may be a new car for the US, but it's been kicking around Europe since 2012. It's due for a new generation, but in the meantime, Audi's giving the current Q3 a freshening up in order to keep it competitive in the face of some new competition.

Both front and rear fasciae have been updated with an angular look that's more in line with the full-size Audi Q7 crossover (and, likely, the forthcoming Q5 that should debut some time this year). The Q3 Sport gets a more aggressive front bumper with a color-matched blade below the grille.

Opt for the top-tier S Line Competition trim, and you get a shinier black grille, loads of "S Line" badges and other various blacked-out trim bits. The S Line Competition also gets a flat-bottomed steering wheel, sport seats, a stiffer suspension and a driving mode selector. The interior is otherwise unchanged from the 2016 model.

The 2017 Q3 is entirely the same under the skin. When it comes to the US (it's not like we're going to get skipped over), buyers will remain stuck with the same 220-horsepower I4 engine from the current model. The Q3 will go on sale in other markets this fall, but Audi hasn't made mention of when it will land in the US.

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