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Audi creates virtual Audi Space within PlayStation Home

Audi claims to be the first carmaker to develop its own virtual area in Sony's PlayStation Home: Audi Space.

A large part of Audi Space is the Vertical game featuring the e-tron concept.
Audi's electric e-tron gets digital in PlayStation Home. Audi

Automakers are like forum trolls. Every time you turn around another one of them is yelling, "First!"

This time it's Audi claiming to be the first carmaker to develop its own virtual area in Sony's PlayStation Home. Audi Space, as it will be known, will come on line in late 2009. Audi Space will at first feature an Audi TV channel delivering video content relating to the German automaker.

In December of '09, Audi Space will be expanded to include Vertical Run, a futuristic racing game featuring Audi's e-tron concept. Players will collect electrical energy that will presumably be untamed by the e-tron as they race for the highest possible speed. Be the fastest and you could earn a place for your Home avatar in the virtual Audi apartments, located in a large tower in the center of Audi Space.

a view of Audi Space in PlayStation Home
Audi Space will be a 3D area where players can explore the Audi brand. Audi

"Most young people gain their first driving experience from video games," explains Kai Mensing, who is responsible for video games and virtual worlds in Online Marketing at Audi. "With the Audi Space, we can bring this target group into contact with our brand in a highly emotion-packed and interactive environment, and demonstrate our 'Vorsprung durch Technik' with the virtual e-tron race."

"It was important to us to create an environment with Audi Space that differed from a classic showroom at an Audi dealership," Mensing said. "To achieve that, we got together with the architects at Allmann Sattler Wappner and developed an interactive concept where the focus is on selected Audi models, making it possible to experience the brand in a selective, interactive way."

The company has stated that additional Audi content will be added to Audi Space in 2010.