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Audi CEO claims three new EVs are coming by 2020

The German automaker is also planning a subsidiary for autonomous-car development. It's not like diesel was the future, anyway.

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2016 Audi A3 e-tron

For now, Audi's electric efforts are limited to plug-ins like the A3 e-tron.

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Audi is sticking to its guns. CEO Rupert Stadler told a German newspaper that it's still holding fast to its schedule of releasing one new electric vehicle every year, starting in 2018.

Stadler told Heilbronner Stimme that Audi should have three electric vehicles in its lineup by 2020, Reuters reports. After it begins fleshing out its electric lineup, the company hopes to have EVs account for more than a quarter of its annual sales by 2025.

The focus will be companywide, meaning that other parts of the company may need some preening to make room for new efforts without breaking the bank.

Along with its forthcoming electric vehicles, which should include A-segment small cars, Audi will create a subsidiary called SDS Company, which will house the company's autonomous-car development. Stadler told the newspaper that Audi is hoping to create a joint venture to aid in its R&D efforts.

Stadler also talked about Audi's work in developing hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, which rely on compressed hydrogen gas to power electric motors. The company remains committed to the technology, but a lack of infrastructure will keep customer demand low for the time being. Audi did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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