Audi AI:me teaser channels Liz Taylor, goes heavy on the diamonds

The automaker has more than just this concept in store for Shanghai.

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I don't know if they're for channeling air or what, but all those diamonds do look pretty crazy.


Last week, we got our first glimpse of Audi's Shanghai-bound AI:me concept by way of some pencil sketches. Now, Audi has seen fit to show off a part of the real thing, and it's wild.

While the teaser sketches were plenty futuristic, Audi on Thursday unveiled a proper teaser showing off a front corner of the upcoming AI:me concept, which is slated to debut at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show next week. While Audi's current design language is definitely found in the headlight, both the headlight and the body surrounding it are covered in diamond-shaped dimples that look both really weird and really cool.

The AI:me concept's pod shape is evident in the teaser, as well. One character line starts at the headlight and forms a very broad shoulder across the length of the body, also acting as a meeting point for some very large glass panels. The wheels are contained within individual fenders that give the car a properly sci-fi shape.

Then again, when it comes to pie-in-the-sky concepts, it should be a little odd. In addition to its wild design, there's plenty of next-gen tech hidden away. It previews a Level 4 autonomous vehicle, with a spacious interior dedicated to comfort and, based on the previous teasers, a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard.

Audi's Shanghai booth isn't just about the future, though. The present will be accounted for, too. In addition to the AI:me concept, Audi will debut the Q2L e-tron, a stretched version of the small Q2 SUV that adds 1.3 inches to the body and packs an electric powertrain with an estimated range of about 165 miles. We'll be on the ground in Shanghai next week, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow for more on these and other cars. 

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