Audi A8 L prototype offers 100Mbps LTE broadband

Enjoying 50Mbps broadband at home are you? You're not impressing anyone, buddy -- least of all Audi, which has unveiled an A8 with built-in LTE connectivity.

Rory Reid

Think your home broadband is fast do you? Tearing around the information super highway at 50Mbps are you? You're not impressing anyone, buddy, least of all Audi. The company's recently unveiled an A8 L prototype with built-in LTE connectivity that can make your home broadband connection look like dial-up. 

Audi had previously announced plans to produce an LTE vehicle during the CES 2011 trade show in January, but, only a couple of months later, its partnership with Alcatel-Lucent has led to a working prototype. The A8 L has an integrated modem that can achieve speeds of up to 100Mbps.

The A8 L's LTE high-speed Web access will allow up to six users to connect to an in-car hotspot using a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Then they'll be able to surf the Web, download large files, and play video at speeds in excess of those of 3G modems, which have a maximum data rate of 14.4Mbps. 

Michael Dick, Audi board member for technical development, said: "We're getting automotive LTE technology ready for series production. We will use LTE technology to extend our advantage in automotive networking and further consolidate the Audi connect strategy." He then fired up some 're="" getting="" automotive="" lte="" technology="" ready="" for="" series="" production.="" we="" will="" use="" to="" extend="" our="" advantage="" in="" networking="" and="" further="" consolidate="" the="" audi="" connect="" strategy."="" he="" then="" fired="" up="" some="" ="" target="_blank" title="" rel="noopener nofollow" class="c-regularLink">Lips 2 da Floor in the A8 L and cackled maniacally at a crowd of onlookers.*

We can but take our hats off to Audi. While most of us live without broadband, HSDPA, dial-up or even a piece of string and a can to connect our cars to the Internet, Audi's setting a great example to its rivals by investing in the latest and greatest car tech.

*This is a lie.