Asus Mypal A636: right on time

The Asus Mypal A636 is a handheld organiser with integrated GPS for satellite navigation, so you'll never get lost again. Unless you run out of batteries

Rory Reid

Certain members of the Crave team have a penchant for tardiness. It's not out of sheer laziness or a blatant disregard for the value of other people's time, it's just that we like to be fashionably late. That and the fact that we're always getting lost -- honestly, we couldn't navigate our way out of a lift.

Thank goodness, then, for the Asus Mypal A646 Mobile Navigator. It's a fully fledged PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0 and DestinAtor GPS software, which has pretty maps, lots of arrows, and a reassuring voice to guide you on your way.

It has an integrated GPS unit with the latest SIRF Star III GPS chipset, and a twistable antenna that pokes out of the side to enhance signal reception.

It feels a little chunky in the hands, but it performed flawlessly this morning -- successfully guiding us to our local Starbucks and back without drama. The Mypal A636 costs around £349 and is available from all good retailers. -RR