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Aston Martin's submarine will match your hypercar

Ultra-rich Aston Martin fans can now have a submarine, a powerboat and a Valkyrie hypercar.

Aston Martin Submarine
Yeah, it's safe to say the design screams Aston Martin. 

Ultra-rich Aston Martin fans are getting another super exclusive vehicle to sink money into.

Triton, a Florida-based submarine manufacturer, announced Thursday that it's teaming up with Aston Martin to develop Project Neptune, a three-passenger submarine, that'll take its owners from the deck of their mega yacht to the sea floor.

This isn't the first time we've seen Aston Martin Consulting team up with another manufacturer to bring its design language to another vehicle. Last year, Aston Martin debuted the AM37, a powerboat built in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts.

From the look of the concept art, Aston Martin and Triton knocked the design out of the park. Granted, it may not be as inconspicuous as a James Bond's Lotus Esprit sub, but few things in life are. And don't worry, less-well-heeled Aston Martin aficionados, you can still drive the superb DB11.

Triton was not available for comment at the time of publishing.