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Valkyrie: Aston Martin's AM-RB 001 gets a name

As the latest hypercar gets set to go for a ride, its shrugging off a somewhat awkward alphanumeric designation in favor of something a bit more evocative.

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It hasn't been quite a year since Aston Martin unveiled its AM-RB 001, a road-going Red Bull Formula One car set to reset our expectations of what a hypercar could be. When it made its debut, Aston reps were quick to clarify that the alphanumeric designation was not to be the final name of the car. Now, we have the real thing.

Meet Valkyrie, the formal title for the Aston Martin Red Bull 001. This car uses as much Formula One tech as you can sneak into a road-legal machine, though its power comes from a V12 lump augmented with some sort of hybrid system that has yet to be detailed. In fact, very few things about the car have been detailed, except for a promise of one horsepower per kilogram of weight. This means it'll be blisteringly quick, and since Aston will produce fewer than 200 of the things, they will be blisteringly expensive, too.

Stay tuned for more details as we learn them, but until then keep that Wagner greatest hits album spinning on repeat.