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Aston Martin is building an electric car with Faraday Future's financier

The British automaker and LeEco will eventually work alongside Faraday Future, although details are scant at the moment.

Aston Martin’s upgrade to the Rapide will set you back a little over $200,000. The 4-door sports saloon includes an 8-speed automatic transmission and a V12 engine. The Rapide S tops out at 203 mph.
© Transtock/Corbis

It appears that Faraday Future, the mysterious company that unveiled a crazy supercar-style concept at CES, might have some solid ground on which to stand. Aston Martin and LeEco, the company financing Faraday Future, announced a collaboration that will result in a production electric vehicle -- several of them, if the partnership works out well.

The first seeds of this partnership bore fruit at CES in January, when LeEco, formerly known as Letv, built a tech-forward interior for an Aston Martin Rapide. The two will work together to build a production version of the electric RapidE concept shown back in October. Even better, it won't take ages to appear on the market.

"We have been encouraged by the project speed and technical depth shown by Letv in the development of the RapidE concept towards full production," said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer in a statement. "Bringing the RapidE to market by 2018 is an important milestone for both companies."

The statement also makes mention of both Aston Martin and LeEco partnering with Faraday Future. While there are no specifics available at the moment, this ménage à trois shows that Aston Martin is serious about its electrified aspirations and that Faraday Future will finally have a real automaker helping it grow.