Aston Martin DBX gets fancier 'Q by Aston Martin' bespoke options

If the DBX's standard options list isn't enough, you can commission custom colors, trims and options for your new SUV.

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This DBX is wearing Satin Xenon Grey paint.

Aston Martin

DBX isn't hitting dealers until later this year but the British brand is already detailing the extensive personalization that the Q by Aston Martin division will offer for the new SUV. The Aston Martin DBX pictured here is the same one that will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and it features a number of Q touches.

Aston splits Q's creations up into two categories, Collection and Commission. Collection options are more exclusive (and more expensive) options developed by Aston's designers that can be found on the DBX's options list worldwide, while the Commission items are pretty self-explanatory -- they're bespoke colors, trims and features commissioned by customers and developed in conjunction with the Q branch.

Aston finished this DBX in a paint called Satin Xenon Grey from the Q Collection color palette, which looks pretty sinister, especially under the nighttime lighting of this photoshoot. Gloss-black 22-inch wheels are one of the DBX's bespoke Commission touches, while the carbon-fiber lower-body package is a Collection option. Aston doesn't go into detail about any other custom exterior bits.


The carbon-fiber trim isn't a glitch in the photo, it really looks like that.

Aston Martin

It's the inside of this DBX where the really special stuff is going on, though. Nearly everything is covered in "obsidian black" leather, one of the DBX's standard choices. The aluminum trim surrounding the main dashboard area, center console and door grabs is one of the Commission bits; it was machined from a solid chunk of metal and has a special diamond pattern and a satin chrome finish. The cargo floor is covered by a massive single piece of carbon fiber in place of the standard carpeted floor, but don't worry, it still has grip rails so your precious items won't slide around.

This DBX's main party piece is the Commission carbon fiber trim on the doors and along the sides of the center console, though. It doesn't look like normal carbon fiber, instead having a "technical finish" that honestly makes it look like a pixelated glitch in the image. Like the aluminum trim, these pieces of carbon were machined from a solid block of the material, with the central piece consisting of 280 layers of carbon that were individually laid by hand. To achieve the final finish the carbon had to go through 12 hours of curing and then 90 hours of mixing.

Aston Martin gives no prices for any of the options, but they surely add a lot more to the DBX's starting price of $192,986. And Marek Reichman, Aston's executive vice president and chief creative officer, says this DBX is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the customization possibilities. "Q offers the tools to those who have an uninhibited desire to push the boundaries of what is achievable," Reichman said. "I fully expect to see a wide and broad variety of creations over the coming months." Hopefully we'll get to see them too. Some might even have matching garages designed by Q.

Q by Aston Martin's DBX has wild carbon fiber trim

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