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Aston Martin DBX to become 'most powerful luxury SUV'

The British carmaker teased a new performance-oriented model coming in just a couple weeks.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
2021 Aston Martin DBX
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2021 Aston Martin DBX

The new model will go beyond the standard DBX when it comes to performance.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Wake up Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin has something to say. On Tuesday, the brand teased a new DBX model is coming and declared it will be the "most powerful luxury SUV." Big talk, but the brand also said, "Change is coming. Power talks." Clearly, Aston Martin is confident in whatever super SUV it has brewing.

I wish I had more to share with you about the the new DBX model but the quick teaser video Aston Martin shared to its social media channels isn't very revealing. We get a glimpse of the SUV's wheels, perhaps some carbon-fiber body work and that's about it. We can make some educated guesses, however.

The DBX on sale today uses a Mercedes-AMG-supplied twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. With the German power unit under the hood, the SUV is good for 542 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. What we could see from this new DBX is Aston Martin's in-house twin-turbo 5.2-liter V12 engine take its place. Hopefully, that would mean a 690-hp output much like the the brand's V12 Speedster. That'd also be enough power to overtake the Urus, which makes 641 hp.

We don't have too long to wait, and Aston Martin will surely speed up the hype train in the meantime. Look for the new super SUV on Feb. 1.

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