Aston Martin to revive legendary Superleggera badge for new DBS

In an attempt to pay homage to the great Astons of old, the new top-rung sports car from Gaydon will be called the DBS Superleggera.

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Ironically, there are few words in the supercar lexicon that carry as much weight as Superleggera, a name that during its heyday graced the fenders of some of history's most beautiful and beloved cars such the DB4 and DB5. While the Superleggera style of construction may have been consigned to the annals of history, Aston Martin is ensuring that the name lives on with the next-generation DBS, dubbed the DBS Superleggera.

While Aston Martin is being deliberately stingy with the details, we do know that the DBS Superleggera will represent the pinnacle of Aston's sports GT lineup. We also know that in keeping with tradition, something Aston Martin takes quite seriously, the Superleggera badge will ride atop the new DBS' front fender.

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The legendary Superleggera badge is being resurrected by Aston Martin for its newest DBS.

Aston Martin

Superleggera means super lightweight in Italian and Aston also hints that this may play an important role in the upcoming DBS, something that could prove very interesting, considering that Astons have never really been considered featherweights.

"When you hear the name DBS Superleggera, you know what it is," said Marek Reichman, chief creative officer for Aston Martin. "It's the definitive Aston Martin Super GT. It's an icon, a statement and this one will be no different. We've pushed the boundaries of performance and design to give this car a distinct character and ensure it's worthy of the heritage and weight that this name carries."

The DBS Superleggera is set to make its world debut in the second quarter of 2018, and if it looks any better than the DB11 and new Vantage, we may not be able to control ourselves.

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