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Aston Martin DB9 opens its doors to the AMVOX2 Transponder watch

Do you own an Aston Martin DB9? Fed up with the ignominy of opening the door with a wireless fob? The AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder could be the end of your woes.


Do you own an Aston Martin DB9? Disheartened by the ignominy of opening the door with a wireless fob? Can't be bothered to reach into your pocket to get the keys? No, we didn't think so, but if you ever win the lottery and find yourself burdened with such hardships, the AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder watch is for you.

This gorgeous timepiece does several things. Firstly, it makes even the skinnest, limpest of wrists more attractive. Secondly, it tells the time, and thirdly, when you press the sapphire buttons on the left and right side, it'll open or close your Aston Martin DB9. 

Curiously, pressing both buttons on the watch simultaneously activates a 'find me' feature, which causes the DB9's headlamps to light up for several seconds. The idea is it'll help you find your ride, but unless you live in Dubai or you're in the players' car park at Chelsea FC, you'd have to be some sort of fool to forget where you parked your £111,000 sports car.

The AMVOX2 isn't the first Aston Martin watch. Aston Martin and its horological homies at Jaeger-LeCoultre have released a metric clocktonne of AMVOX watches together over the last half decade. Earlier this year, it announced versions of the AMVOX2 that controlled the Aston Martin DBS and Aston Martin Rapide.

This particular model will set you back a cool £12,426. It's expensive, yes -- you could buy a Ford Fiesta for that sort of money -- but it's pretty reasonable when compared to stupidly expensive timepieces such as the $1.5m (£934,000), double-faced Tour de l'Ile by Vacheron Costantin -- and that can't even open a bicycle lock.

Rest assured, we're doing our best to sweet-talk Aston Martin into lending us a watch (and the car) so we can look fly test it for ourselves, so check back shortly for some hands-on action. In the meantime, go read our reviews of the Aston Martin DBS, the Aston Martin Rapide and Aston Martin V12 Vantage over in our Car Tech reviews section.

Watch how you go.