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Aston Martin and Red Bull team up...for a hypercar?

The two companies will collaborate on an Aston-badged machine, currently codenamed Project AM-RB 001.

Clearly, it's very early in its development.

Aston Martin

On the surface, an energy-drink company and a high-end automaker seem like strange bedfellows. But if you take a look at what both companies wish to achieve, especially in the automotive realm, it doesn't seem that strange -- which is good, because the two are partnering up on a hypercar (and probably more).

"Between Q by Aston Martin Advanced, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing AG, we are going to create a car that will excite and stir the imaginations of the car designers of the future and a global audience of sports car enthusiasts," said Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston's CEO.

The car's being developed with the help of Adrian Newey, one of Formula 1's greatest designers -- and one of the last men in the sport to start a car's design with pen and paper. The final product will likely borrow heavily from Aston's design language while still relying on the aerodynamic trickery born from motorsport's premier class.

This partnership isn't limited to the hypercar, either. Aston Martin will also lend its logo to Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 car, which will carry the Aston badge through the entirety of the 2016 season. Racing kicks off this coming weekend in Australia, and here's to hoping that Aston continues to involve itself in Formula 1 beyond a simple sponsorship.