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Aston Martin to get bespoke AMG engines, stick with ICE until 2030

All of this was confirmed by Chairman Lawrence Stroll during a recent summit.

Aston Martin V12 Speedster
Aston Martins will keep on keeping on with piston engines until at least 2030.
Aston Martin

Despite many companies' commitment to going fully electric in the nearish future, Aston Martin is planning to stick with internal combustion engines through 2030 at the least, according to a statement made by the Canadian equivalent of Thurston Howell III, Aston Martin Chairman Lawrence Stroll.

That in and of itself is a fairly bold statement given many governments' increasingly unfriendly attitude toward internal combustion, but, according to a report published Thursday by Autocar, there's more. Aston will no longer make do with off-the-shelf AMG 4.0-liter engines, as good as they are. Instead, thanks to Mercedes' more significant stake in Aston, the British supercar maker will get bespoke powerplants from Affalterbach.

"Our current AMG engines are just that -- AMG engines in an Aston," said Stroll, during the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit. "With this new deal, we will have bespoke AMG engines for Aston with different outputs, torque characteristics, etc. They'll still be AMG components but bespoke-manufactured in Germany."

Of course, not all Aston Martins are powered by AMG V8s. What will happen to the turbocharged V12 that currently sees duty in the DB11 and its variants? Ditto the forthcoming turbocharged V6 and the screaming, utterly maniacal Cosworth-built naturally aspirated V12 for the Valkyrie ? That's not totally clear yet, but we suspect that Aston will be hesitant to throw away the engineering money that went into designing all of these powerplants.

What is clear is that the planned revival of the Lagonda badge for future Aston Martin EVs is dead -- a fact also confirmed by Stroll during his talk at the Future of the Car Summit.

Will all these changes and the increased investment from Mercedes-Benz be enough to keep Aston Martin alive and well in the coming years? Or will another great British carmaker go the way of empire and fade away?

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