Are electric cars rubbish? Robert Llewellyn and Rory Reid thrash it out

Are electric vehicles rubbish? In this video, car fancier Rory Reid debates the matter with EV nut Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame.

Rory Reid

A certain car-obsessed Craver recently wrote a piece arguing why electric cars aren't ready for mainstream use. He suggested they're too expensive, have too limited a driving range and aren't as eco-friendly as many people think. In other words, they still suck.

Minutes later, TV legend and EV champion Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame, weighed in with his own take. "Yawn," he said in our comments section. "Nothing in this article has one scintilla of truth," he ranted. "Every single point... is utterly refutable."

As fate would have it, Robert and Rory have a mutual showbiz friend who provided the social lubricant required to let the irate duo air their grievances in person.

Nary a week later, on a cold November morning outside the Tesla dealership in central London, the pair met face to face. They exchanged polite greetings, hopped in a Nissan Leaf electric car, and set off for a drive to begin the electric-car debate to end all electric-car debates.

See how it unfolded by hitting 'play' on the video above, and then tell us who you agree with in the comments section below.