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Aptera 2e restructures reservation system, refunds deposits

Despite recently raising $2.5 million, the EV start-up is refunding deposits and creating a VIP database for early adopters.

The Aptera 2e
The Aptera 2e Aptera

Despite raising $2.25 million last month, Aptera informed customers that it will be returning their deposits for a three-wheeled electric 2e, according to

The Aptera 2e is one of the more visually striking electric vehicles on the horizon. Designed using computational fluid dynamics to achieve its egglike shape, its composite material body was reportedly so strong you couldn't dent it with a sledge hammer. However, Aptera has been waiting for approval of its Department of Energy loan to move forward with production.

The company is blaming its escrow account, administrative overhead, and a longer-than-expected road to production as the reasons it decided to refund the estimated 2,500 customer deposits. It is restructuring the reservation process, and the new system can't handle the old transactions. Customers who have their deposits refunded will get their names added to a VIP database to get early access to the vehicles when they go on sale.

When the Aptera 2e will enter production, however, is still up in the air.


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