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Apple Car hits another roadblock in battery supply deals, report says

Apple was reportedly in talks with China's CATL and BYD for batteries, but negotiations broke down over the tech giant's demands.

Apple Car mockup
The Apple Car is proving a tough journey for the company.

Another bump in the road has appeared on the long journey we've call the Apple Car. According to a Friday report from Reuters, talks have stalled between the tech giant and China's CATL and BYD, two massive battery companies. Previously, we learned Apple had approached these companies as potential suppliers for a hypothetical Apple Car battery. However, both firms reportedly refused to meet Apple's requirements.

The three companies did not immediately return a request for comment on the report. Reuters' sources said Apple wanted one of the firms to set up teams and build battery production plants in the US to ink any sort of final deal. BYD and CATL reportedly declined to make those investments for local US production and informed Apple of their decisions within the past two months.

While CATL's decision has to do with tensions between the US and China, BYD reportedly was not comfortable building a facility solely to serve Apple's plans.

With these two major Chinese battery makers seemingly out of the running, the report's sources added Apple is now approaching Japanese battery makers and reportedly sent groups to the country earlier this month to make contact with unnamed companies.

The Apple Car's been a on-and-off ordeal for years (and even looked dead for a time). However, rumors picked up again early in 2021 when the tech company appeared close to a deal with Hyundai to build the vehicle. The Korean automaker later confirmed any talks ended with no commitment to work with Apple. Since then, rumors of Apple courting various suppliers and manufacturers have continued.

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