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Another 2010 gas guzzler: Land Rover LR4

In our continued look at some of the most blatant gas guzzlers of the 2010 automotive year, we get a look at the Land Rover LR4 and how its camera monitors accommodate driving.

So here we go with another Web video clip of a Class A gas guzzler for the year 2010, the Land Rover LR4, which by all accounts is supposed to take the place of the LR3. This 2010 SUV with a 5-liter V8 engine averages 14 mpg between city and highway driving and sells for nearly 50 grand.

This video is a little different than what I've been presenting here lately; it demonstrates how the surround-vision (my own terminology, thank you very much) cameras in the LR4 can aid the driver of this big ol' SUV. It shows all the different views you can get with the LR4 camera system, and how the cameras can help one navigate off-road terrain such as a backwoods bridge...because we all know how common this problem is for everyday drivers.

Still it's an interesting look at how car makers are willing to put out as many bells and whistles in a car as possible to try and get you to be impressed enough to buy a brand-new vehicle in an ongoing era of economic uncertainty.