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Angelle Sampey joins the 6 Second Club...again

In this final video blog tribute to the women of racing, we see NHRA Pro Stock Bike racer Angelle Sampey continues to solidify her status as one of the most successful women in motorsports history.


Y'know, I dig cars and car racing. But I also appreciate motorcycles and bike racing as well. And I think I'm long overdue to show a little love for motorcycle racing. And to keep with this week's salute to the women of motorsport racing, I have selected a hot vid of Pro Stock Motorcycle superstar Angelle Sampey.

Besides her status as a female in a male dominated sport, Angelle Sampey is a rare breed in the bike racing world. She owns a record of consecutive qualifying races starting with her debut in 1996, leaving her previous career as a nurse in a cloud of dust. In addition, Sampey is one of only two women in NHRA history to have over ten event wins and three championships in her division of Pro Stock Motorcycle.

One of Angelle's biggest career accomplishments is her Pro Stock Motorcycle time-setting elapsed time record run of 6.871 seconds. Sampey accomplished this feat first in 2007 at an NHRA event in New Jersey riding her trademark Suzuki bike. This video here further cements this feat as no mere fluke, seeing Sampey once again clock in under the 7 second mark, and handily defeating her opponent. Her Pro Stock Motorcycle time record was only broken back in March of this year by Matt Smith, and then topped just a little while later by Andrew Hines. Still, Angelle Sampey has made her mark as a woman in sports and a future legend in motorsports.