And We Go Green is the documentary Formula E deserves

The Fisher Stevens-directed doc gives us a look behind the race to the 2017/2018 Formula E championship.

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Kyle Hyatt

Formula E may have had a rough start, with some less than stellar racing during its first couple of seasons, but now it's become one of the most exciting open-wheel racing series around, and it's the only one that's totally electric. That was enough to get folks like Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio interested in making a documentary about it.

And We Go Green is that documentary, and it's set to launch on Hulu on Thursday, June 4. Just seeing the trailer is enough to get all us racing nerds around the Roadshow water cooler frothing at the mouth, and you can bet we'll be glued to our couches (not that there's much of a choice anyway) to watch it when it drops.

The documentary focuses on the 2017/2018 Formula E season and features interviews with the likes of Jean-Éric Vergne, Nelson Piquet Jr., Sam Bird, Lucas di Grassi and André Lotterer. Don't worry, though; it's not all talking heads. The doc also features all the fierce (though nearly silent) racing you'd expect.

Take a look at the trailer here and let us know what you think in the comments.

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