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An all-electric Porche 997? Blasphemy!

The new E-RUF concept is an electric Porsche 997. It's green, but is it any good?

E-RUF electric Porsche 997
An all-electric Porche 997? Impossible! Road and Track

RUF, tuner of Porsche cars, is working on a new concept based on the Porsche 997, but it seems they've forgotten to put in the fantastic Porsche engine. In its place, they dropped a 150kW electric motor and about 1,200 pounds of batteries. Yes, the new E-RUF concept is an electric vehicle. It's green, but is it any good?

The electric power train outputs 200 horsepower (meh) and 479 pound-feet of torque (wow!). Gobs of torque available instantly make for a decent 0-60 time of about seven seconds, despite the fact that the E-RUF weights close to 4,200 pounds, more than 1000 pounds heavier than a standard Porsche 997. The concept makes due with a standard Porsche-sourced six-speed transmission, though the final version will take advantage of the electric motor's massive torque with a single speed unit.

E-RUF electric Porsche 997
The 997's air intakes are not necessary with an electric powerplant and have been smoothed over. Road and Track

The E-RUF's 96 lithium-ion batteries take up the entire front trunk, back seat, and a good part of the engine compartment. Reaching a full charge takes about 10 hours. Once full, the batteries will take you a maximum range of between 155 to 200 miles, depending on driving conditions.

Road and Track had an opportunity to test drive the E-RUF. It reports that the balance isn't the same as the standard 997, but the torque is amazing.