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Amazon Alexa integration lets you start your Nissan from the couch

Nissan is the latest automaker to jump on the home-automation bandwagon.


You can already control a number of smart-home components with Amazon Alexa, and soon you'll be able to control your Nissan as well.

Nissan announced Wednesday that it will offer a new skill for Amazon Alexa that gives you control over certain connected-car functions using just your voice. You'll be able to lock and unlock the doors, honk the horn, flash the lights and start or stop the engine.

Alexa can't help you if you lose your keys, though.


The skill is activated by saying, "Alexa, ask NissanConnect Services to...", followed by the command of your choice. The skill is available free of charge in Amazon's Skills Store, under the "connected car" category.

It will cover the following models and model years when it launches later this month:

Nissan also plans to add this capability to the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf when it debuts. 2011-2017 Leaf owners can also download the NissanConnect EV and Services skill, which lets owners check charging status and precondition the interior.

Nissan is not the first automaker to add an Alexa skill, but it's one of the largest in the affordable-vehicle space. Both Genesis and BMW have Alexa skills, as well.