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Alpine iDA-X100 digital media receiver and HD Radio tuner module

The Alpine iDA-X100 car stereo and TUA-T550HD HD radio tuner bring a one-two punch of digital audio into a car's cabin.

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CBS Interactive

When was the last time you walked into a store and purchased a CD? If it takes you a few moments to come up with an answer, you've probably made the jump to digitally distributed and stored audio. If so, Alpine may have the car stereo for you, the Alpine iDA-X100 digital media receiver.

The iDA-X100 eschews physical media in favor of a purely digital approach. Music is played back over a USB pigtail that features full-speed iPod connectivity. An intuitive interface makes it easy to find the song you want, and advanced audio controls ensure that your digital music sounds as good as the day you ripped it.

The Alpine TUA-T550HD HD Radio tuner module CBS Interactive

Adding the TUA-T550HD HD radio tuner allows playback of high-quality digital radio transmissions, and adding a compatible iPod to the mix unlocks the iTunes Tagging feature, which allows song metadata to be stored in a playlist on the iPod to be previewed and purchased through the iTunes software.

The Alpine iDA-X100 is a great receiver for users who transport all of their music on an iPod or MP3 player. The unit offers fantastic digital audio integration without the need for a separate adapter, but should you ever want to just play a CD, you'll be out of luck.

Read the full Alpine iDA-X100 digital media receiver and TUA-T550HD HD radio tuner reviews.