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All you ever wanted to know about the Chevy Volt

GM builds a Web site with technical details on the Chevy Volt.


voltageU web site
At the VoltageU site, GM breaks information on the Volt down into four distinct areas. GM

Knowing that the people with the highest interest in the Chevy Volt are tech savvy and can spend hours engaged in geeky talk about new battery technologies and off-peak charging rates, GM is using a Web site to push technical details about the upcoming series hybrid car to the public.

The site, called VoltageU, lives under the larger Voltage umbrella site, and aims to provide quick access to in-depth articles and video about the Chevy Volt, breaking it down into four areas: technology, charging, battery, and infrastructure.

Under the surface, the site is a mish-mash, with links going out to YouTube videos, faqs, and PDFs. It is not a particularly polished experience, but there is detailed information if you look for it. Of course, it is a GM-sponsored site, so don't expect to find critical articles.

Volt fans will also enjoy the links at the top of the page to photos and video of the car.