All-new Chevy Impala and Range Rover Sport (CNET On Cars, Episode 22)

Is the Chevy Impala an icon reinvented, or is it still Grandpa's car? A new Range Rover for 007, more power from your car in 1 hour, and the tech "highlights" of the Top 5 worst-selling cars.

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Brian Cooley
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Lots of new products this week: The (dramatically) new 2014 Chevy Impala and the equally new Range Rover Sport. I tested the Impala personally, and I came away liking it a lot, but feeling it has a bit of the old car's DNA. Maybe when the Chevy SS comes along it will be a "driver's Impala," as much of an oxymoron as that has traditionally been. That said, the new Impala is a major step out of the rental lot, and I certainly wouldn't mind driving or even being seen in one.

If you're getting excited by run-flat tires, hold up a minute: in our Smarter Driver segment this time, we look into them and find out why they didn't revolutionize the tire world like they were supposed to.

Perhaps nothing can improve your engine's performance and torque for a small investment of time and money as an air-intake kit. We install one this week and get a feel for its change to our donor car's engine. It's not dramatic, but satisfying. And, of course, we explain the principles behind it as we always do in our Car Tech 101 segments.

And the boys at XCAR deliver a really cool-looking video on the new Range Rover Sport, complete with a 747 and the Daniel Craig introduction.

My Top 5 this time around is a list of some of the worst-selling mass production cars of the last few decades that were let down by their tech or engineering.

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