Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, GTA will get down to business with 540 hp

Meanwhile, the GTAm variant goes full race car with a rear-seat delete.

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Lovely. Just lovely.

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio entered our hearts almost five years ago now, and since then, it still tugs at the things gearheads adore.

Folks, it's time to make space for more admiration because on Monday, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm debuted just in time for the brand's 110th birthday, and they're lovely. GTA, or "Gran Turismo Alleggerita," is a historic badge that dates back to the 1965 Giulia GTA with ties to numerous wins in motorsports. Fittingly, it graces the highest performing, modern Giulia sedan to date.

With a familiar twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 to serve the Giulia GTA, Alfa Romeo engineers cranked things up to 540 horsepower. There's 35 extra ponies onboard with the GTA, and the car drops 220 pounds in the process. More power, less weight: a tried-and-true formula for better performance. Back to numbers, all of this helps clock a 0-to-62 mph time of 3.6 seconds.

There's certainly no mistaking a Giulia Quadrifoglio, and it'll be even easier to differentiate a Giulia GTA from the previous Italian super sedan benchmark. For the GTA treatment, Alfa Romeo worked with its Formula One partner Sauber to develop a new aero kit. Specifically, it sees the addition of a new front fascia with active aero technology, side skirts and a rear wing. Its engineers' goal was to increase downforce on the track to keep the sedan firmly planted in the desired direction. Out back, a new carbon diffusor sits in place with a center Akrapovic exhaust included to produce wonderful music.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm are super-hot tamales

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Handling and high speeds benefit from increased front and rear track, now about two inches wider, and the springs, shock absorbers and bushings are all new for the GTA and its badder brother, the GTAm.

Those looking for the ultimate Italian sedan will find comfort in the Giulia GTAm. While the GTA dials things up from the Quadrifoglio, the GTAm is the friend who insists on cranking the volume knob even higher on a road trip.  

Why consider the GTAm? For starters, Alfa Romeo further refined the aerodynamic components with a more aggressive and larger front splitter and a carbon-fiber wing at the rear. Inside, the GTAm also goes full race car with a rear-seat delete and two legitimate racing seats up front.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

All business, baby.

Alfa Romeo

A roll bar, six-point racing harnesses and a fire extinguisher all come standard with the GTAm, further underscoring the fact this car will be an absolute track weapon. There's even molding in the rear of the cockpit to place a racing helmet, since the back seats are no longer. Despite all of this, the GTAm is still totally street legal, according to the brand.

Here's the bad news: Alfa Romeo is still studying a business case for North America. Right now, that makes the Giulia GTA and GTAm ripe pieces of forbidden fruit. The company also plans to limit both models to 500 cars combined, and each include tons of other goods, such as a racing suit, helmet and track-day experience. Orders officially open today, but North Americans will need to hold off until Alfa Romeo decides whether or not to give the hottest Giulia a green light on this side of the Atlantic.

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