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Alexa, lock my Focus: Ford to integrate Amazon Echo this year

You'll be able to access smart home controls from your car, and car controls from the house.

Alexa integration could breathe some life into the C-Max Energi, an aging plug-in that never really caught on in the US.


Let's face it -- sooner or later, everything we use is going to be connected in some way. Getting ahead of the curve will only set you up for later success. On the heels of several other automakers, Ford is nearly ready to roll out Amazon Echo and Alexa integration.

To start, only three Ford models will feature this integration: the Focus Electric, the Fusion Energi plug-in and the C-Max Energi plug-in. The connection between Amazon's voice assistant and Ford's cars should be ready by the end of the year, Reuters reports.

When you're inside the car, you'll be able to use the voice recognition button to activate Alexa. You can send smart-home instructions through the car, whether it's dimming the lights, drawing the blinds or checking the security system. In the house, an Amazon Echo can be used to start, lock or pre-warm the car after entering a security code.

That's not all. Alexa's in-car presence can also be used to alter shopping lists, check for appointments or whatever else you won't remember to do by the time you actually get home. While it's in just three cars to start, it will roll out to additional vehicles starting in 2017.

The partnership between Amazon and Ford was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Both BMW and Genesis, Hyundai's luxury offshoot, have already added Alexa integration, and it's likely that other automakers will eventually follow suit.