Alexa Auto will work even when the cloud isn't around with Telenav

Should drivers hit a spot with poor reception, Alexa will still be along for the ride.

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Sean Szymkowski
Alexa Auto in Cadillac CT5

Always there for you, even if the reception sucks.

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Drivers will never have to fear losing Alexa in the event of poor reception. Telenav and Amazon jointly announced on Monday that the friendly voice assistant will now work even when there's no connection to the cloud.

Although some features will go offline, drivers will still be able to access plenty of conveniences in the event cloud access disappears for a few moments. These include asking Alexa to zoom in and out of a navigation map, navigating to a favorited destination, add a stop on a route, turn guidance and searching for a destination.

This function will work with any vehicle sporting Telenav technology for navigation and mapping with Alexa Auto 2.0, the companies said. Telenav specifically said it found the upgrade important as more car buyers look at technology as a deciding factor in a final purchase. Ensuring some of the most important functions remain online at all times was double important to the company.

Numerous automakers already support Alexa functions in some way, shape or form. They include Mercedes-Benz and Lexus , and Ford and and . recently rolled the function out to its millions of its cars as well.

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