Airstream's new Basecamp 20 and 20x trailers are bigger and more comfy, but still rugged

The 20 and 20x will be sold alongside the original Basecamp, now known as Basecamp 16.

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The Airstream Basecamp 20 and 20x are designed to be rugged and easy to tow.


OK, so you've been stuck inside with your spouse and kids for months, and now you're looking at listings for off-road vehicles online and already scheming up all kinds of ways to get outdoors next year. Camping sounds fantastic, but you're also maybe a little old, and your back a bit too bad for tents. Not a big deal, because off-road trailers like Airstream's Basecamp are pretty awesome -- only a 16-foot trailer isn't going to work for you and your growing family.

That's fine, because Airstream on Tuesday announced its new Basecamp 20 and 20x models, along with a name change for the original Basecamp to Basecamp 16. As you can probably guess, the new Basecamp 20 model is about four feet longer than the original, but it's also wider and taller, which opens up some new possibilities.

Now, to start, the most significant difference between the Basecamp 20 and 20x models is the 20x's bigger tires and three-inch suspension lift. It also gets a second step to help people get into it and a stainless steel guard for the front of the trailer to prevent dents in the aluminum. Beyond that, the two are pretty similar.

However, there are a lot of differences between the 16 and the 20, because there's just a little more room for everything on the 20. For example, the 16 has a shower pass-through, which allows you to hose off outside the trailer. The 20 gets a dedicated outdoor shower. The 16 had a shared gray and black water tank (think sink drains and toilet, respectively), while the 20 has dedicated tanks for each.


It's only four feet longer, but a million miles more practical inside.


Inside the trailer, there's a new seating/sleeping area with a rotating table that allows easy ingress and egress regardless of which side you're on. The wet bathroom is more or less the same, but slightly larger than on the 16. Also notable is the increased storage everywhere. The little cubbies are still closed with smoked plexiglass doors, which look rugged and futuristic.

The galley appliances are the same as on the 16, so you get a two-burner gas stove and a decently sized sink with folding faucet. There's also an optional microwave that, if selected, lives above the small-ish electric refrigerator. Air conditioning is also optional, but something we'd go for.

In the rear of the trailer, the seating/sleeping area is similar to the old model. There are two small tables that can be rotated according to need, with seating on either side. The quick-release table bases can be swapped out for shorter ones that turn them into supports for the main sleeping area. The trailer's rear still features the original Basecamp's super handy cargo door, which is plenty big enough for a mountain bike or a kayak or whatever.

Finally, maybe our favorite feature is the rail that runs at roof level on the trailer's door side. This rail works with an optional tent that essentially adds a screened-in porch and another sleeping area to the Basecamp. The best part is that the tent doesn't use traditional poles. Instead, the beams are inflatable. It seems kind of goofy and novel, but it would add a ton of extra functionality to the small trailer.

This all sounds awesome, right? There is a catch, and that's the weight. If you thought that the new Bronco would look great with a Basecamp 20x on the back, you're out of luck. The 20x weighs 3,500 pounds before you put your stuff in it, and the Bronco tops out at 3,500 pounds. If you want to step up to a bigger SUV like a , or maybe you're fancy enough to afford a Land Cruiser, you should be in good shape.

The Basecamp 20 and 20x are available for ordering from your friendly local Airstream dealer now, and they should be getting inventory in the coming weeks. Pricing starts at $45,900 for the 20, and that goes up to $48,900 for the 20x.

Airstream Basecamp 20 and 20x gain a little size and a lot of comfort

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