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Aha by Harmon

Aha Radio and Slacker join forces to add beats to your tweets

Twitter and Facebook reading app Aha Radio's latest partnership sees 150 Slacker Personal Radio stations added to its audio content delivery service.

Aha Radio app on an Android phone
The Slacker Personal Radio service will appear in the Aha Radio app as a channel. Aha by Harman

We've seen cars with smartphone app integration. We've even seen car stereos with apps. Now, we have an app within another app. Aha by Harman and Slacker have just inked a deal to roll some of the functionality of the Slacker Personal Radio app into the Aha Radio app for iPhone (and from the looks of the supplied photo, an upcoming Android version). If the "Inception"-esque concept of having Internet radio inside your Internet radio doesn't make you feel like the universe is about to implode, read on.

Aha Radio is a content delivery app that's probably best known for its novel ability to read your Twitter and Facebook feeds aloud while you drive, but it also reads news updates, traffic alerts, and a selection of radio programs and podcasts through a combination of streaming and text-to-speech technologies. When we last used Aha Radio, it was during the testing of the app's integration with the Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT car audio receiver. Slacker, on the other hand, is known for its blend of personalized and DJ-curated music stations and music on-demand premium service tier.

Through this partnership, Aha Radio will add 150 streaming music stations spanning a wide variety of genres to its bag of tweet reading tricks. Meanwhile, Slacker's free and paid users will gain access to their personal radio stations through the Aha app for smartphones, which features an interface that's designed to be easily used from the driver's seat. Slacker users will also be able to pipe their tunes through any compatible Aha-enabled hardware.

Speaking of Aha-enabled hardware, Harman will be, according to its press release, "demonstrating Slacker and Aha's other capabilities" at the 2011 Frankfort auto show next week. It's an auto show, so you can bet that whatever they announce will be car centric. Do Harman and Slacker have some yet unseen trick up their sleeve? Stay tuned to our continuing coverage of the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt for more details as they emerge.

Editors' note: This post was updated with the correct spelling of Harman, and with some information on compatible Aha-enabled hardware.