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Add this hydrogen fuel cell R/C to your gift list

With this hydrogen-fueled remote controlled vehicle, batteries aren't included--or required.

The H2Go hydrogen hybrid R/C vehicle.
The H2Go hydrogen hybrid R/C vehicle. Horizon Fuel Cell Technology

With this hydrogen-fueled remote-controlled vehicle, batteries aren't included--or required.

The H2GO hybrid is a environmentally friendly R/C car that uses hydrogen to power the battery that turns the motor and moves the toy car. That's right, this R/C is a tiny electric car fueled by hydrogen. And where do you get this hydrogen fuel? From a pint-size solar-powered hydrogen generation and refueling station, of course.

Toy owners will use a solar panel and water to create the hydrogen fuel supply. The solar panel is also used to recharge the R/C's remote control and super capacitors. Hydrogen will be used to charge the vehicle's battery and power the motor, and the H2Go's super capacitors are used for a little speed boost.

Created by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, H2Go is the perfect gift for the budding automotive enthusiast with a passion for green tech. The $149 kit comes with a hybrid hydrogen car, solar panel, hydrogen station, and remote control. But it looks like this car was high on a lot of people's wish list. For the moment the vehicle is out of stock, but the H-racer 2.0 is still available for $119.99. Like the H2GO, the H-racer 2.0 is fueled by hydrogen, but it is not an electric hybrid.