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Acura RL updates come slowly

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2011 Acura RL.

Beyond the grille styling, the RL hasn't changed much visually over the last decade. Its sedan styling is fairly bland, especially compared with the bolder look of Acura's TL model.</p><p> <a href="">Back to review.</a>
Josh Miller/CNET
2011 Acura RL
Josh Miller/CNET

At one time a tech powerhouse, neglect has let Acura's top sedan, the RL, fall behind its competition. Although its five-year-old tech is by no means bad, it hasn't taken advantage of some current advances. Its engine is solid, but doesn't exploit modern efficiency technologies, it still uses an old navigation system, and Acura has even given its other, less expensive sedans better tech updates.

Acura has made a few important updates, such as giving it iPod support and Bluetooth streaming as audio sources. A six-speed automatic transmission keeps the drivetrain from being completely moribund. And its all-wheel-drive system, very advanced five years ago, still holds its own in the market.

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