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Acura RDX's chief engineer breaks down what's new and hot for us

Stephen Frey stopped by the Roadshow stage at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show to talk to Tim Stevens and Brian Cooley about the newly unveiled Acura RDX prototype.

2019 Acura RDX Prototype
Nick Miotke and Nate Reed/Roadshow
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The Acura RDX Prototype debuted at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, and we're a fan of its new sportier look and improved interior. Roadshow Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens and Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley were able to sit down and go over all of the new, nearly production ready features on the 2019 RDX with the program's lead designer, Stephen Frey.

The RDX prototype takes some styling cues from Acura's NSX halo car and trickles them down into a sharp-looking family hauler that the company hopes will make big waves here in the US as well as in China, where it also plans to produce the vehicle due to Chinese import laws. The interior is all-new as well with newly designed seats and more glass to offer a "luxury penthouse" feel as well as a total ban on fake wood and metal, going forward.

We can't wait till Roadshow gets its hands on the new RDX when it makes its stateside debut in late summer this year. Until then, check out our gallery of the vehicle from Detroit.