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Acura's Precision Concept signals a new direction for Honda's luxury arm

The automaker says its latest concept car will set the stage for the next generation of Acura's design.

The Precision Concept's headlights resemble those of the Tesla Model S electric sedan.

With the NSX ready to roll off the production line early next year, it's time for Acura to start thinking about what's next. We'll be getting clued into the company's line of thinking this January, when it debuts the Acura Precision Concept at the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

"The Acura Precision Concept will serve as the inspiration for the styling and proportion of the next generation of Acura vehicles," said Dave Marek, Acura's global creative director, "especially for our sedans." It's refreshing to see a company put a great deal of effort into its sedan lineup, especially as crossovers continue to sell like popsicles on a hot day.

Frankly, there isn't much to get from this teaser (and no amount of level-adjusting in Photoshop will change that -- we tried). What we can see are slimmer, sharper-looking headlights, a decent amount of contouring in the sliver of visible taillight, and a complete lack of door handles and panel gaps. We're thinking the last two elements won't translate over to production cars very well.

Our NAIAS coverage kicks off on January 11, and the show opens to the public on January 16.