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After four years, Acura is still serving up NSX Super Bowl commercials

And the car still isn't on sale, although that's on the verge of changing. Finally.


This is it -- the final year of Acura NSX preview commercials during the Super Bowl. For this year's big game, Super Bowl 50, Acura will roll out one final commercial previewing its all-new NSX supercar. It's been a long time in the making, this.

It all started in 2012, with an ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld attempting to pick up the first Acura NSX off the production line. Of course, another high-profile car geek is ready to yank the carpet out from under his feet:

Between then and now, the friendly rivalry appeared once again, thanks to a perfect storm of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and the automaker that just so happens to sponsor said Web series. Product placement isn't always covert:

Seinfeld and Leno should clearly do some research, though, as VIN #001 is actually being auctioned off for charity.

That brings us to today. As automakers are wont to do, Acura has rolled out its Super Bowl ad ahead of time. Instead of hanging on silliness, Acura's taking the flashy, sort-of-serious approach with this one. As it should, because short-lead media drives are coming soon and the car will actually, honestly arrive in dealerships this year:

Will a Super Bowl without an Acura NSX preview be a Super Bowl worth watching? If you actually care about football, the answer is supremely obvious. If you care about the NSX, the answer is probably the same, because instead of seeing more previews, the real thing is just around the corner.