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Acura MDX PMC Edition and its NSX-like treatment will cost $63,745

Buy one and tell your friends about how it's hand-built just like the NSX supercar.

2020 Acura MDX PMC Edition

The mainstream car buyer isn't typically used to "hand-built" cars. Often, the luxury of a hand-built car comes from the finer premium brands, perhaps a Rolls-Royce. Yet, the world's latest human-assembled vehicle doesn't hail from the old world. No, it comes from Ohio.

Inside Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, the same men and women who tediously build the NSX will assemble the Acura MDX PMC Edition, which the company on Friday said will run $63,745. The final price includes a $1,995 destination charge.

The typically mainstream luxury crossover SUV will go through a very similar process to the NSX, as PMC employees meticulously assemble the SUV. Just 300 of the MDX PMC Edition cars will make their way to buyers in the US, while another 30 head north to Canada.

Aside from the MDX PMC Edition's unique treatment, there are a few other notable things about the vehicle. For starters, it's the only way buyers can combine the optional A-Spec and Advanced packages. Normal MDX models may only feature one or the other. Thus, there are all the racy exterior and interior pieces from the A-Spec package and comforts like a heated steering wheel and surround-view camera from the Advanced package.

Specific to the MDX PMC Edition are a set of 20-inch wheels finished in black and a drop-dead gorgeous Valencia red pearl paint job. The color features Acura's nano pigment paint technology, which includes even more layers to give it an incredible depth. Numerous exterior trim pieces are dipped gloss black to accent the red color, and the interior is awash with Milano leather. Real metal paddle shifters are in place for the driver, too.

The $63,745 price really isn't a terrible deal. If buyers were able to add both the A-Spec and Advanced packages to a regular Acura MDX, they'd be looking at a price somewhere around $62,775. For just a smidge more, owners will have bragging rights as they'll own an SUV assembled just like a supercar. Look for the MDX PMC Edition on sale starting Feb. 1, and maybe there are still a few TLX PMC Editions floating around if a sedan is more your style.

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