Acura teases a sharper MDX SUV ahead of its Oct. 14 debut

Acura says the MDX will be its flagship vehicle.

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As far as teaser images go, this is a damn good one.


Acura's brand-new is something of a statement of intent for the brand. That statement is, "We're back," and it seems Acura wants to carry that momentum forward with a newly redesigned MDX SUV.

We won't get a full look at the MDX for a couple of weeks. Acura confirmed Friday that the crossover will debut in prototype form on Oct. 14. To tide us over, the automaker released a neon teaser image, and we like what we see. It appears as though the MDX is going to get a sharper, more deliberate-looking body that apes some of the better aspects of the TLX while also being longer, wider and lower than the model it replaces.

Beyond that, details are a little thin on the ground, but Acura is calling the new three-row MDX its future flagship model. What that means in practice is something we'll have to wait to find out.

Still, if Acura can knock the new MDX out of the park, then it could be a big shot in the arm for the Japanese luxury brand. Here's hoping.

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