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New Acura Integra confirmed to sport a manual transmission

Honda and Acura are keen to play up the new car's ties to the past, and that includes a six-speed manual transmission.

It's a good day when we hear more about the reborn Acura Integra. It's a better day when we learn the car will offer a manual transmission, and today is that day. On Thursday, the brand issued another teaser for the new Integra and confirmed the car will give buyers the choice of a six-speed manual.

The teaser image shows the new car's stick from the top down, but it doesn't give away much else. All you can see are a few switches to the left of the selector, but this photo's all about the bright red font for the six-speed pattern. The knob invokes the spirit of Integras of the past. In fact, the teaser video shown above takes on a brief history of past Integras and their manual transmissions. It flips ffrom the original car, through to the Type R and the RSX Type-S, too. Then it arrives at the upcoming car. It's way too early to make any final calls, but whatever's under the hood sounds very appropriate for the new car.

Aside from a confirmed stick, we know the new car will be a five-door hatchback just like the original car. Beyond that, Acura's keeping its lips sealed and said we'll learn more as we approach its 2022 reveal.