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Accidents will happen at 2009 Price Chopper 400

Tony Stewart won the 2009 Price Chopper 400 this last weekend, but other Nascar drivers made headlines not so good reasons. This video captures not one but two big accidents during the Nascar Chase Race from Sunday October 4.


This last Sunday another installment of the Chase for the Championship series for the 2009 Nascar season took place at Kansas Speedway. This event, the "Price Chopper 400," ended with a crucial win by Tony Stewart that keeps him in the thick of the hunt to capture this year's Sprint Cup. But Tony's not the only one who's on-track action at Kansas made the highlight reel from this year's event. Two accidents happened early in the race that affected several of Nascar's most noteworthy stars. This video clip here shows how it all went down.

The first incident on this vid shows Joey Logano's car smokin' on the asphalt and skidding sideways off the track and into the green. This clip shows multiple angles of the incident from both outside and inside the car. Then at about 1:10 in we witness yet another accident coming into turn 2, this time involving four drivers including Bobby Labonte and Michael Waltrip. Joey Logano barely gets away from a second accident in the same day, and Kyle Busch also dodges this collision by the skin of his teeth.