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A VW Rabbit gets independent throttle bodies

This video shows a Volkswagen Rabbit getting a power boost courtesy of some independent throttle bodies.

So as we saw in Monday's video blog, there are some car owners who not only love their Volkswagen Rabbits, but also want to update and upgrade their European bunnies. Well here's another adventurous Rabbit owner who sought to give his cottontail a power boost under the hood and did so with a little help from some independent throttle bodies.

For those of you not familiar, a throttle body controls the air intake into the engine in correlation to the pressure put on the accelerator. And this VW Rabbit gets blessed with a few Suzuki GSXR 650 throttle bodies in addition to being upgraded with megasquirt programmable engine management and Porsche 944 aluminum lower control arms. (Luckily, we get to see some of these parts before installation in the video here). Put all of this together with the Rabbit's 1.8-liter engine and you got yourself quite a different creature; just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a souped-up VW Rabbit burning rubber.